Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Number

India is the biggest consumer market in the world. With over 1 billion of the population, one thing is common among every single family, is a TV. The DTH market in India is booming and one of the best DTH service provider is airtel digital TV. In this article, we are going to talk about Airtel digital TV or Airtel DTH customer care numbers.

Airtel Digital TV

Launched in October 2008, Airtel DTH service is one of the best in the country with over 10 million customers across the country. Airtel Digital TV’s standard definition broadcasts are in MPEG-4 with Interactive Service and 7-day Electronic Programmer Guide.


Airtel Digital TV customer care numbers

There are more than one way to contact Airtel Digital TV or Airtel DTH customer care, here are them,

Airtel DTH Customer care numbers

If you wish to contact Airtel digital TV, then here are the numbers for them,

North Hub: 0124 4448080

East Hub: 033 44448080

West Hub: 020 44448080

South Hub: 080 44448080

You can contact them according to your location. Make sure you are calling from your registered number or keep your Airtel DTH detail handy to make this process much smoother. These services are available in 12 different languages.

You can also contact them in different number which is appointed in state vise manner,

  • Assam- 08133848080
  • Andhra Pradesh- 040 44448080
  • Bihar & Jharkhand- 09955148080
  • Delhi- 011 44448080
  • Gujarat- 079 44448080
  • Haryana- 0124 4448080
  • Himachal Pradesh- 08628048080
  • Jammu & Kashmir- 09596748080
  • Kerala- 0484 4448080
  • Karnataka- 080 44448080
  • Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh- 0755 4448080
  • Mumbai- 022 44448080
  • Maharashtra- 020 44448080
  • North East- 08132948080
  • Orissa- 07077448080
  • Punjab- 0172 4448080
  • Rajasthan- 0141 4448080
  • Tamil Nadu- 044 44448080
  • Uttar Pradesh- 0522 4448080
  • WB- 033 44448080

You can also contact them in Airtel DTH helpline number, 12150 from your registered number.

If you have airtel number, you can contact them with *121*6#

Airtel DTH email address

If you wish to contact them with email, here is the Airtel Digital TV email address, [email protected] You will get a response in 24 hours to resolve any kind of issue you are having with Airtel DTH connection.

Airtel Digital TV (DTH) office address

If you wish to visit their office, here is their address,

Bharti Telemedia Limited

Plot No 16, Udhyog Vihar,

Phase IV,

Airtel Center

Gurgaon 122015

Haryana, India

To contact Airtel DTH nodal office, visit this link to get more information.

If you wish to visit nearest airtel store, here is the link to locate nearby airtel office.

Airtel Digit TV social network links

You can contact Airtel DTH anytime on social networks and they will respond to your request promptly and resolve any issue you are having. Here are the links,

  • Facebook Page-
  • Twitter Page-
  • Youtube Page-

Airtel Digital TV troubleshooting

Here are the list of problems and their solution for your Airtel DTH

Problem Possible Cause Action
No picture, No Sound and no front panel display The set-top box is not plugged into the mains or is not switched on. Check mains connections. Press to ON/OFF button on the front of the STB.
No Picture, No Sound but the front panel shows the display. The receiver is on Standby. Press on the power button  on the Remote control to bring the Set-Top box out of standby.
No Picture, No Sound but the indication on the front panel of the Set-Top box is correct 1. You are watching TV through your cable operator, Aerial connection or VCD, DVD player.
2. The AV connection is wrong.
3. The connections are right, but the TV is not connected up to an external AV source [AV1, AV2 or DVD]
4. The cable connections are may be faulty [damaged, broken] or missing
1. Press the AV button on your remote.
2. Check the AV connection in the STB.
3. Check the TVs AV connection.
4. Check all your connection and consult [see connection diagram] or call us.
Irregular or bad reception Problem with cable connections. [damaged, broken connection or wires] 1. Check all the connections and cables.
2. Contact customer service.
A blank screen comes when you choose some services. You are watching an encrypted service or program 1. Choose another service or program
2. Contact customer service
The remote works with the TV & not with my STB. 1. You need to reset your remote control. 1.Press STB on your remote control to control your STB
2.Refer this guide to program your remote
The remote control does not operate. 1. Your STB may be off.
2. There are no batteries or the batteries may have become flat.
Make sure you point your remote directly towards your STB and nothing is between the two. The remote command light on your STB and on your remote control should flash each time you press a remote key. If neither light flashes, check batteries in your remote and if your STB is plugged to mains.
I have forgotten my PIN Call customer care to have your PIN reset
I cannot close the electronic programme guide Press A exist key on the remote.


We hope this article would help you get all the information about Airtel Digital TV customer care numbers. If you have any more questions, do let us know in the comment section.

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