Are ceiling fans better than floor fans?

A fan can serve multiple purposes in a living space. Earlier, fans were only used for good air circulation. Today, the modern age fans are equipped with excellent technology and come in appealing designs. However, if you want to purchase a fan, then it can be quite confusing to choose a fan. Not all type of fan can suit your requirement. The most commonly used are the ceiling fans. So, in this article, you can know whether the ceiling fans are better than floor fans.

Uses of Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are the most popular fans used in numerous places. The ceiling fans are hanging fans that are suspended to the ceiling. A quality ceiling fan with three-bladed can fully rotate in the 360 angles. They can provide you with breezy and fresh air. They are well versed in controlling the air movement by pushing the cool air down.

 Uses of floor fan

The name suggests that the floor fan is designed to produce air on the bottom surface. These fans are highly portable and can provide good airflow in the floor area. These fans do not have to be installed. The oscillation technology in the fan helps it to rotate in 180 angles. 

Reasons why ceiling fans are better than floor fans

Ceiling fans are better than floor fans in many ways. A ceiling fan is a standard airflow appliance that produces quality air in all the areas. Whereas a floor fan is considered as an air flowing accessory, and it cannot provide air in all direction and have limited features. The other important reason for this is as follows.

  1. The style

Ceiling fans have many varieties in terms of design, blades, colour, shape and technology. Also, there are fans available for both high and low ceiling. The ceiling fans have blades ranging from 2 to 5. There are also smart no blade ceiling fans available in the market. On the other hand, a floor fan comes in fewer styles and can produce air for only the floor level. When considering the style feature, the ceiling fans are far better than the floor fans.

2. The application

Not only for home use, but the ceiling fans are also used in commercial areas. The function of this fan is powerful. Also, with power, the ceiling fan is very energy efficient. They can be fitted in any room for good ventilation. A floor fan can be used in desks, closet and computer table. They provide decent airflow. However, the application of ceiling fans is better and effective than floor fans.

3. The durability

The ceiling fans are durable than the floor fans. The application, design, motor and construction is superior in ceiling fans. However, the floor fans are durable but not powerful or sturdy than a ceiling fan.

4. The cost

Due to the heavy-duty and durability, the ceiling fans can cost more than floor fans. This is because of the high-end features available in ceiling fans in india. It is worth the price due to its fast spinning and power.


The purpose of use decides which fan is better whether a ceiling or floor fan. However, a ceiling fan is considered as the most durable and multipurpose fans than the floor fan.

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