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How to Check EPF Claim Status and PF Withdrawal Status? – PF Status

Provident fund is a safe and secure way to save money for retirement. It was established in 1951 and millions of people have benefited from it. in this scheme, every employee would contribute 12% of their monthly salary to the provident fund, the same amount would go with the employer as well. This fund will get interested as well and after the retirement, a person can get their PF. In this article, we are going into the detail of How to Check EPF Claim Status and PF Withdrawal Status?

Before the unified portal, it would take a lot of time to claim and get your PF. A person wouldn’t know when their PF claim is accepted and the process was on the sloth mode. But with the help of office EPFO portal, anyone can check the status of their claim and withdrawal.

Document/information needed

Before you get to know your EPF claim or PF withdrawal status, you need few information and documents, to begin with. here is the list
• Universal Account Number (UAN)
• EPF regional office of your employer
• company
• Extension code (if relevant)

How to check EPF claim status

• You need to visit this website first,

know your EPF claim status

• Then you need to log in with UAN number and password
• After that, you will need to Enter the state of your PF office
• Once you select the state, you need to select the regional office
• Then Select your PF Office from the drop-down menu
• Enter your establishment code
• In some case, establish code have extension or sub code, here is how you can write that.
If your establishment code is s MH/35634/523 than you need to write it down like this

establishment code

In case there is an Extension/Sub‐Code to the Establishment Code, say, “A”, then enter the same as under before entering the account number

estashblishment code

• And then Enter your PF account number to get your EPF claim status
If you receive a message that your account is operative, you have to send a request to the EPFO inoperative account helpdesk at
If you want to file Complaints/Grievances, you can do that from official website. You can check the status of your complaints or grievances at
If you have an inoperative account and you still want to check their balance than there is also an option for that. Before government has diced that if the account is inoperative, they would stop their interest, but after 2016 they have revered their decision and continue to give interest on the dormant account as well.
How to check inoperative EPF account balance
• You need to get a UAN number first and then visit the official website
• You need to log in with your UAN number
• After that visit “Inoperative helpdesk”
• Then click on the first time user
• Write down your employer details such as establishment code, state, address, your PF number, date of joining and leaving, and click on search establishment to locate your employer
• Then enter your personal detail, such as name, date of birth, address and mobile number
• Then enter the KYC detail, such as PAN card number, Aadhar card number, Bank account number and IFSC code
• Once you fill out all the detail, you need to generate a pin, which will send to your mobile number which you have registered with your UAN number
• After getting the PIN, you will get all the information about the inoperative account – the outstanding amount and the last contributions
• Now you can send all this detail to your current employer along with your new UAN number to continue using that and keep your fund as well.
You can also check all of this detail on new government application UMANG. You can login on that app with your UAN number and find out all the information about your PF. There are more than 180 services are accessible from that app.

We hope this information would help to check EPF claim status and PF withdrawal status. If you have any question regarding this, do let us know in the comments.

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