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GST Registration Check – How to Check GSTIN Validity?

GST registration is now mandatory for every business. One of the main areas of concern is to know the GST registration validity. GST or goods and service tax was rolled out at midnight on July 1, 2017, for ease of doing business. This article is focused on checking GST registration validity.

What is GST registration validity?

Once the business register for GST, they have given validity on their GST certificate. Under that, business or any person can check their validity to avoid being penalized. GST registration validity is varied from the regular taxpayer to business which has an aggregate annual turnover of more than Rs.20 lakhs per year.

GST registration validity

GST registration validity for the regular taxpayer and business are different and also in the manner of another state as well. In common, there is a validity period for the regular taxpayer in GST registration. However, someone who is the nonresident taxpayer or casual taxpayer is 90 days are more. It could be extended to 90 days more. For more accurate detail, please look at your registration detail in GST portal.

 Checking GST Registration Application Status

There are two ways this could work, one is to check GST registration application status for someone who has applied for new GSTIN and the other one is to check the existing GSTIN for the GST registration validity. We are going to walk through for the whole process for both of them.

How to check GST registration application status

If a business or an individual taxpayer has applied for the GST, it would take 7 days to get their GSTIN and 10 days to get6 official GSTIN. Anyone can check the status of their application from the day they registered in GST in their portal. Here is how to check GST registration status.

You need to visit the GST portal and then click on the service tab. Then you will find the option of Track Application Status. Once you click on it they will ask you to submit ARN number. you also need to write a captcha in it for security proposes.

GST portal

Once you enter the ARN number, you will get all the detail about your application such as ARN number, from the number, form description which would be an application for new registration, submission date and the status of your GST registration.

After 7 days of registration, you will get the status approved in that link. Any business or person need to register on GST before making any GST taxable transaction.

 How to Check Existing GST Registration Status

After 10 days of GST registration, you will get the GST registration certificate and you can also check this on GST portal. You can also check all kinds of detail in that portal for your GST transaction. Here is how you can check that.

You need to visit the GST portal and find search taxpayer tab. Then you need to find search by GSTIN/UIN and click on it. when you click on that link, this page will appear.

GST registration status

Now you just need to enter your GSTIN/UIN number and all the detail will appear.  All the detail of your GST including your GSTIN number, your name, center jurisdiction, state jurisdiction, date of registration, the constitution of business, taxpayer type, GST status and date of cancellation will be there. Also, you can find the GST registration validity in there if that applies to your GST.

With the help of GST portal, any business or individual can do all kind of inquiry to the application. It’s an easy and faster way to pay taxes and know the GST registration validity. There are also if someone doesn’t register on GST. The penalty could be severe and have to pay or the legal consequences would be followed.

We hope this article would have clear all of your doubt on GST registration and GST registration validity. For any help, you can visit the GST portal and check all the rules and regulation or you can simply ask your questions in the comments related to GST registration validity.

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