How to verify fake GST Bill and GST number?

After the implementation of GST or goods and service tax, many shops and company are struggling to meets the end. There is no other way to escape the GST and that is why some of them try to use fake GST numbers in bills. Verifying fake GST bill and GST number become important for customers and business owners as well.

Fake GST number or absence of GST number

Some of the restaurant and shop owner will charge the customer with CGST and SGST which are a short form of central GST and state GST without mentioning GSTIN number. After July 1 2017, every business owner must apply for the GST and need to put their GSTIN number in every bill or transaction.

But even after that, some business owner would charge their customer with CGST and SGST and when they are enquiring about why there is no GSTIN number in the bill, they would say that they have applied for it. Beware of that, as no business can charge the both GST without having the GSTIN number and that is why its imminent to know and verify the fake GST number and fake GST bill.

There are many ways one can find out about authenticity of the GSTIN from the internet, we have gathered all the information regarding how to verify fake GST bills and GST number in this article. Here is how you can check it.

How to verify fake GST number?

GSTIN numbers are collective of all the information about the business and one can identify a fake GST number by just looking at it. Here is the structure of GST number.

How to verify Fake GST number

(source : cleartax)

It’s a genuine GSTIN number and now you can check the authenticity of this GST number and verify if its fake GST or not. A GSTIN number contains

  • State code: every state has given a GST number to mention in every GSTIN number which is registered in that state. You can check this as we have also gathered all the state code of every state in India. Here is the list.
    • Andaman and Nicobar Islands 35
    • Andhra Pradesh 28
    • Andhra Pradesh (New) 37
    • Arunachal Pradesh 12
    • Assam 18 Bihar 10
    • Chandigarh 04
    • Chattisgarh 22
    • Dadra and Nagar Haveli 26
    • Daman and Diu 25
    • Delhi 07
    • Goa 30
    • Gujarat 24
    • Haryana 06
    • Himachal Pradesh 02
    • Jammu and Kashmir 01
    • Jharkhand 20
    • Karnataka 29
    • Kerala 32
    • Lakshadweep Islands 31
    • Madhya Pradesh 23
    • Maharashtra 27
    • Manipur 14
    • Meghalaya 17
    • Mizoram 15
    • Nagaland 13
  • Pan number: from 3rd digit to next 10 digits are the permanent account numbers of the business owner. While applying for the GSTIN number, its mandatory to attach their pan card and in every GSTIN you can find out part of their pan number.
  • 13th number: it’s part of their PAN number or entry number of the same pan holder in the state.
  • 14th number: it will be Z as default
  • 15th number: it will be a number or an alphabet assign by tax department for their internal purpose.

Now you know that how is the GSTIN number look like and you can find out if the GSTIN is fake or genuine by just looking at it, but nowadays there are many software and an online tool to generate fake GSTIN number which may look as same as the original number. So here is how you can verify fake GST number online.

How to verify fake GSTIN number online?

  • Visit office GST portal
  • Then look for search taxpayer tab and then click on the search by GSTIN/UIN
  • After that, this page will open

Verify GST number online

  • Now you need to type in or paste the GSTIN code which you need to verify
  • After that, you will get another page which contains all the information regarding that GSTIN number, if the GSTIN number is fake, you will get a message which would be like “The GSTIN/UIN that you have entered is invalid. Please enter a valid GSTIN/UIN”
  • Here is how an authentic GSTIN look like

GSTIN search

You can find all the information here like GSTIN number, legal name of the business, state jurisdiction and one of the most important is GSTIN/UIN status.

Is pending verification of GST mean it’s a fake GSTIN number?

Many people would think that if the status of verification is pending than the business cannot use their GSTIN number, but that is not true. Before the GSTIN is approved, the government will give the business owner a provisional GST number. it can be also used in bills as it’s not a fake GSTIN number.

Everyone needs to know that they must register for GST and get their GSTIN number. It will only take 10 days to register for GST number. we hope this information will help you find out and verify fake GST bills and fake GST number.

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