Indane Gas Customer Care Number

Every day, millions of families in the country depend on one thing, liquefied petroleum gas or LPG. Every day, hundreds of people are getting the new connection of LPG which safer as well. One of the most prominent names in LPG is Indane. In this article, we will talk about Indane LPG gas and Indane Gas customer care number.

Indane LPG gas

Indane is developed and owned by Indian oil and has been operating since 1964. They have more than 10,000 distributors around the country and serve more than 90 millions family. every day approximately 2 million LPG gas cylinder is being delivered by Indane gas. Its suffice to say that indane gas is the largest LPG distributor in India and because of them, now millions of family can cook their food without any worries.

Because of the big consumer base, indane gas many channel or resources to solve their customer problem. They would even teach how to use LPG gas stove and cylinder in a rural area. Getting a new connection is easy and getting an LPG cylinder is easy as well.

In this article, we are going to mention how to contact Indane gas customer care number and how to get connected with indane.

Indane gas Customer care number

The official Indane gas customer care and indane complaint number are 18002333555. This is a toll-free indane customer care number. you can get a response in short period of time and it will operate on office day 8 am to 8 pm and if you need to complain after that, you will be guided by IVRS mode for your complaint.

Indane LPG emergency number

If there is an emergency regarding your LPG connection or cylinder or anything else, you can contact Indane customer care number 1906. This is an official number in which you can get your query resolved and get help.

Indane customer feedback

For any feedback or complaint regarding Indane gas, you can also visit their website for Indane gas feedback. Once you visit this website, select LPG option and give your feedback directly to the parent company of Indane gas, the Indian oil.

Area offices

You can also reach out to your nearest area office for any kind of complaint regarding your Indane gas connection. To know where to find your Indane gas nearby area office, visit this website, you can search your area office by putting your state name, district and then the area office you would like to visit.

Distributor office

You can also contact your Indane LPG gas connection distributor office for any complaint regarding Indane gas. Here is the website which can help you locate nearby Indane distributor office, you need to find your state and then you will get your Indane gas distributor office addresses.

Indane Gas FAQ

Ho to get new Indane Gas Connection?

For the 14.2Kg LPG cylinder connection, you can visit nearby indane Are office, with the following document to get your new LPG connection.

  1. Ration Card
  2. Electricity Bill
  3. Telephone Bill
  4. Passport
  5. Employer’s Certificate
  6. Flat allotment / possession letter
  7. House registration papers
  8. LIC policy
  9. Voter’s Identity Card
  10. Rent Receipt
  11. PAN card issued by the Income Tax department
  12. Driving License
  13. Aadhar card

In Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, as per the requirement of the State Government, Ration Card is a must for the issue of a new connection for prospective domestic LPG customer.

What is the standard tariff rate for indane gas services?

Sr. No. Tariff Head RS (incl.GST)
1 (a) Security Deposit for Cylinder (14.2 kg) – in the rest of India, except North Eastern States

& Security Deposit for Cylinder (14.2 kg):- in the seven North Eastern States



(b) Security Deposit for Cylinder (5 kg) 800
(c) Security Deposit for Cylinder (19 kg) 1700
(d) Security Deposit for LOT Valve 1500
(e) Security Deposit for Cylinder (19 kg with LOT Valve) 3200
(f) Security Deposit for Cylinder (47.5 kg) 4300
(g) Security Deposit for Cylinder (47.5 kg with LOT Valve) 5800
2 Security Deposit for Pressure Regulator:- in the rest of India, except North Eastern States

& Security Deposit for Pressure Regulator:- in the seven North Eastern States



3 Mechanic visit charges (other than leakage) (depending upon the number of burners of the customer’s hotplate) for :

Inspection of hotplates at the time of release of new connection to be done after cleaning the hotplate (in case the hotplate is not purchased from the LPG Distributor)
Mandatory Inspection of domestic installation to be done after cleaning the hotplate
Servicing of hotplate

1 Burner Rs 118/-
2 Burner Rs 177/-
3 Burner Rs 236/-
4 Burner Rs 295/-
Cooking Range, Cooking Hobs and Auto-ignition hotplates Rs 354/-
4 Suraksha LPG hose
1.2 Mtr Rs 170/-
1.5 Mtr Rs 190/-
5 Administrative Charges for documentation required for serving LPG consumers 88.50
6 Installation/Demonstration charges for New Connections ( with SBC or DBC) /
installation charges for DBC
7 Collection of Equipment from customer premises for preparation of Termination
Voucher on request of customer
8 Administrative charges for issuance of DGCC including the cost of DGCC 59


We hope that all the information we provided about Indane gas customer care and Indane gas Complaint number is efficient. If you need any more information, do let us know in the comments.

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