Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is an Indian mobile network operator owned by Reliance Industries. It operates a national LTE network with coverage across all 22 telecom circles.

Jio became available on 5 September 2016 and became a big success. Jio provided free unlimited internet, unlimited calls and unlimited messages to every Jio user for around 1 year.

Currently, Jio provides 1.5GB internet package everyday with unlimited calls and messages in their scheme of Rs. 399. But Reliance Jio likes to never settle to anything and thrives to provide it’s every user with better facilities than before.

Reliance introduced Jio Giga Fiber fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service.  Here is everything you should know about Jio Giga Fiber:-


Jio Giga Fiber preview offer provides an ultra-high-speed internet up to 100Mbps for 90 days along with a monthly data quota of 100 GB and a complimentary access to a host of Jio’s premium apps.

(If 100 GB of your data quota is consumed within a month, you can still continue to enjoy high speed internet services by performing a complimentary data top-up of 40 GB via My Jio App or through

There are no installation charges but you have to deposit a refundable security deposit of Rs.4,500 taken for the ONT device (Giga Hub Home Gateway). This amount needs to be paid through Debit card, Credit Card, Jio Money or Pay TM.

Jio has said it aims to bring India among the top 5 global fixed line broadband players in the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM). Jio has already invested over 250,000 Crores for creating state-of-the-art mobile and broadband connectivity, it said.


It’s 15th of August. You can start registering your interest for Jio Giga Fiber via My Jio app or Reliance Jio is planning to prioritize Jio Giga Fiber rollout to only those localities from where they will receive the highest number of registrations. So be quick and register!

Jio Giga Fiber is expected to offer a whopping 1 Gbps download speeds and 100 Mbps upload speed. Jio Fiber will come with a set top box for TV. It will enable voice command feature for TV and have a TV calling feature as well.

Reliance will compete with other leading broadband service providers, as well as satellite cable operators through Jio Giga Fiber.

How much Reliance Jio wants to expand Jio Giga Fiber?

Reliance Jio plans to launch the service for both households as well as enterprise customers. In the residential segment, it looks forward to 100 million television households across 30 cities in the country.


 Wondering what all will this offer going to provide us? Well, let’s take a look.

(1). A High Speed Internet.

(2). 4K content Streaming.

(3). Multiple Devices connectivity.

(4). Account Management facility.

(5). An experience of ultra-high speed internet service at your home.

(6). Speed after using 100 GB data will be 1 Mbps.

(7). Refundable security deposit of Rs. 4500/-

(8). Hassle-free installation

(After registration, service technical team will help you to install the router).

Jio Giga Fiber will be the biggest fixed-line broadband anywhere in the world, with rollout happening in 1,100 cities of India. So, this 15th of August on Independence Day, Reliance will start to commence Jio Giga Fiber.

Jio believes that they have built future proof networks and will continue to deliver the most advanced technologies to our customers for years to come.

The Optical Network Termination (ONT) device for which Jio is taking Rs. 4500 (which is refundable) is described as a high-capacity router, which can be used for five different things-

(1). Internet
(2). Cable TV
(3). Landline
(4). Home automation
(5). Home surveillance

It means that Jio aims to offer a complete package that includes multiple services, thereby creating a larger platform.

The arrival of Jio Giga Fiber will affect not only existing broadband service providers (Airtel, ACT Fiber, BSNL, and MTNL), but also satellite cable operators like Tata Sky, Dish TV, and others.

Reliance Jio announces Giga TV Set Top Box which will come bundled with Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Services. The Jio Giga TV is a 4K enabled Media Streaming Box.

Reliance Jio broadband services will also offer host of services to the consumers like it did for mobile data. There was news in April that the company was testing its network in several locations across Mumbai. The broadband service is believed to deliver a minimum of 100 Mbps for the home broadband consumers at much affordable rates.

Types of Jio Giga fiber broadband plans

Below are the 3 main categories of broadband plans listed below:

(1). Jio Giga Fiber Speed-based plans.

(2). Jio Giga Fiber Volume-based plans.

(3). Jio Giga Fiber special broadband plans. (Not announced yet)

Customers can choose the type of plan which they would be comfortable with.

Plans Offered by Jio Giga Fiber under Speed Based Plans

(1). Jio Fiber 50 Mbps Plan (Data limit – 2000 GB) for Rs. 1500/-

(2). Jio Fiber 100 Mbps Plan (Data limit – 1000 GB) for Rs. 2000/-

(3). Jio Fiber 200 Mbps Plan (Data limit – 750 GB) for Rs. 3500/-

(4). Jio Fiber 400 Mbps Plan (Data Limit – 500 GB) for Rs. 4000/-

(5). Jio Fiber 600 Mbps Plan (Data limit – 300 GB) for Rs. 5500/-

(Validity – 30 DAYS)

Plans Offered by Jio Giga Fiber under Volume Based Plans

(1). Jio Fiber 5 GB daily plan (Unlimited speed) for Rs. 1000/-

(2). Jio Fiber 10 GB daily plan (Unlimited speed) for Rs. 2000/-

(3). Jio Fiber 20 GB daily plan (Unlimited speed) for Rs. 3000/-

(4). Jio Fiber 40 GB daily plan (Unlimited speed) for Rs. 4000/-

(5). Jio Fiber 60 GB daily plan (Unlimited speed) for Rs. 5000/-

(Validity – 30 DAYS)

Customers can check what plan they want and can enrol in Jio Giga Fiber as quick as possible.

When it comes to Reliance Jio, one thing is for sure, they won’t fail to amuse you with they offer every time. Either the internet is free like it’s a charity thing or the speeds are much higher than expected.

Wrapping up, the latest jio fiber prieview offer is worth buying. The offer is tempting and the best part is that you do not need to psy anything for this.

 All you have to do is to pay the security deposit which will be refunded once you discontinue the services. Indeed, the offer is great and a must try if you need internet for regular use.


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