Reliance has provide us many services, products and facilities.Now Jio has come up new Jio Giga Fiber. It is a high speed broadband service. It is soon going to introduce in most of the cities for 90days. In which you will be able to test JIO Giga Fiber broadband speed and connectivity.


Recently Jio has launched its new fiber plan. It has launched after several studies. Currently the plans are distributed in three main categories i.e. Speed Based , Volume Based and Fiber special broadband plans.

It offers 1 GBPS of internet speed .Jio has never failed to over come our expectations, Now also Jio has excite us all by their upcoming service.

  Jio is also going to next generation Ultra-High Speed Broadband Service delivered through optical fiber. It can be connected with the customer’s location

There are only 18 million home broadband connections in India .Which is very low for country like India compared to the nation’s cellular internet penetration , So Jio is trying to expand its services by providing us Broadband connection that has the most amazing speed and also is affordable.

According to a report “ The official plan(FTTH) is going to provide you 100 gigabytes of free data at 100 Mbps speed ,once the data limit is exhausted ,the users can do top up of 40Gb free data 25 times in a month , effectively meaning 1,100 of free data a month.”

Moreover there was a speed test done 10 days back which resulted to 50 Mbps downloading per second.

  The Jio Giga Fiber states that the downloading of movies is possible with an incredible speed in minutes,if not in seconds, and you will never face any problem like buffering,low connection speed. Jio is world famous because of its service .They have planned to light up Jio Giga Fiber in atleast 100 cities within India.

 According to Arjun Hemrajani, Reliance Jio is again offering preview with its FTTH home broadband service. The service offers unlimited downloads for three months, which sounds like a great deal if you consider the speeds being claimed.

Reliance Jio 4G services have been launched for consumers and the company is now offering ‘Free Preview Offer’ with unlimited data and voice calls. In our experience, we found that it is too hard to get hold of a Jio 4G SIM

Currently Reliance Jio is testing capability to some area of Navi Mumbai , Mumbai ,Pune , Chennai .After testing according to the reports the Jio Fiber Speed test results are amazing. Mukesh Ambani has announced the Jio broadband services at the launch of Jio operations last year.

 Because Jio always focus on the Best Service so it didn’t stick with the Traditional Broadband Services like Other ISP. So after Working a Long time, Jio Finally Developed the Fiber Based Broadband in India. At AGM Mukesh Ambani aim told us to bring Jio at top 5 Global Fixed Broadband Connection. Jio has already invested 250,000 crore for creating state of the art mobile and broadband connectivity.

In accordance to that Reliance Jio is in full development mode, at this time ,directing pilot and beta testing programs by wiring homes ,flat edifices and logic social orders.


Currently the Jio Fiber broadband has been set up in some areas , The broadband service had claimed to offer speed of 1Gbps,some users are getting 70Mbps to 100Mbps speed ,which is still a big thing over most of poor broadband connections. I can clearly See that After Jio Broadband will Live, all the Other Broadband Providers in India will get a very Tough time to Compete with Jio.

  Because Jio always give Premium Services at very affordable Cost all the time. And this time also, Jio will go very aggressive towards it’s Pricing of Jio Broadband Plans. Just like the Telecom Operators are getting a tough job now, All the Broadband Providers will also become ready for the same Situation this year after the Launch of Jio Broadband.

Also ,Like the Jio “Welcome Offer” the Reliance Jio broadband service is said offered free for the first three months but the users have to pay Rs 4500 for installation and router .After the trial is over your money will be refunded and the Reliance Jio will collect its router if you are not interested and don’t want to continue the service anymore.

Types of Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Plans

 According to the rumors, there are three kinds of Jio broadband plans which are :

  • Speed based plans
  • Volume based plans
  • Special Plans

Special offer plan data limit ,speed limit validity .

  • Rs 500 600 GB 15 Mbps 30days
  • Rs 1000 500 Gb 25Mbps 30days
  • Rs 500 3.5 Gb/day N/A 30days
  • Rs 500 N/A 60 Mbps 30days
  • Rs 800 unlimited N/A 30days

Launch Date of Jio Giga Fiber Broadband

The Reliance Jio broadband is under testing for a while now ,there is no information regarding its launch.

Once the testing is over Jio will move one step closer to its launch, during which the official Giga Fiber plan will release. According to some news registrations for Jio Giga Fiber will start from August 15 from the MyJio app and

The company will prioritise the rollout of Jio Giga Fiber in localities based on the interest it has received from registrations. 

  It recently gave a tough completion to Airtel ,Vodafone ,Idea  in the 4g sector and now its looks like they are ready to do same in the broadband sector.

  Jio is gearing up to launch many services this year. Jio Giga Fiber is one of them .If an executive visits you to offer the service ,go ahead and get the offer without any doubt.

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