Sastiticket customer care number

Booking flights ticket would have been a hardship if sastiticket wasn’t been available. No one wants to wait nowadays and stand in the line to get their tickets. Purchasing flight tickets and booking a hotel room online is becoming a trend and we are going to discuss about one of the leading flights booking site Sastitickets. Also, we are going to inform you about sastiticket customer care number.

What is Sastiticket?

Sastiticket or cheap ticket is an online platform to book tickets and hotel rooms in low prices. They have some of the most competitive prices when it comes to flight booking. Sastiticket is part of pearl international tours and traveling.

Services provided by the sastiticket

Sastiticket is a branch of Pearl international tours and traveling which is established in 1989. The online portal Sastiticket was launched in 2010 which is Delhi based service now provide many services all across the globe. They have 10 branch offices all over with a team of more than 350 people and 10,000 agents to help you. Here is the list of services provided by the sastiticket.

  • Flight booking: you can book domestic and international flights from here. They make sure you get a lowest fair price on every booking.
  • Bus ticket booking: you can book your bus tickets from here as well. You can find the right bus with the lowest prices all across the country.
  • Hotel booking: with success of flight tickets and bus ticket booking, now they are providing hotel room booking as well. You can book a room at the lowest price anywhere in India.
  • Multiple payment options: you can pay them with a visa card, master card or American Express They are also accepting paytm cash and Mobiquick as well. With this type of option in payment, you can book your flights or bus or hotel room with ease.
  • Offers: they have always some offers for their customers to cut prices and save on every booking. Apart from lowest competitive prices than others, with these offers, you can save more money and also get world-class services as well.
  • Support: they have 24/7 helpline toll-free number for you. So that you can reach out to them at any time. also, you can contact them for your all query regarding domestic and international flights and refund as well.

How to contact Sastiticket?

There is more than one way to connect them and we are going to mention this in full detail below.

There are four way you can contact them,

Sastiticket customer care number

You can reach to them by calling on their toll-free customer care support number and get your query resolved. Sasti Ticket customer care number is 1800 3000 6170 which is toll-free.

Domestic Bookings / Refund

If you have any query regarding your domestic flights, their booking or in some case refund as well, you can contact them with email. Here is last ticket email address for domestic booking and refund [email protected].

International Bookings / Refund

If you have any questions about their international flights or booking, you can contact them with email as well. Here is an email address for Sastiticket international booking, [email protected].

If you have any query regarding your refund on international flights on sastiticket you can contact them as well. They have a different email address for them. You can reach out to them for inquiry regarding sastiticket international flight refund here [email protected]. Contact Form

They have a contact form in place for any of your questions. Here is the link to sastiticket contact just need to fill out few details like first name, last name, contact number, email address and most important your booking ID. Then you can write your message or questions and send it to them. they are really quick to respond.

If you have any emergency regarding the booking or flights, you can always contact them on their toll-free number. with all of these services in places and support, sastiticket has become one of the leading places to book tickets and room online.

We hope that this article has helped you find all the relevant detail about customer care and contact number. if you still have questions, do let us know in the comment section.

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