JIO Giga fiber

What is JIO Fiber?

Jio from Reliance has taken over the market of mobile network completely over the past year and a half. The success was instant and widespread due to the initial unlimited free data and calls and then later the supposedly low cost data and calls.

Loyal users of many other networks turned towards Jio the moment it proved its claims of higher speed and lower costs. Having conquered the mobile network market, Jio has now decided to spread its roots to the broadband / data services.

The new Jio Giga Fiber is the name of their broadband connection. It has been claiming for extremely high internet speeds ever since the announcement of it’s launch, claiming to provide 1GBPS i.e 1 Giga Byte Per Second download speed as well as 100 MBPS or 100 Mega Byte Per Second upload speed.  Jio Fiber will come along with a set top box for TVs.

The official launch of Jio Giga Fiber fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service embarked the expectation of millions of Jio users to skyrocket.

  The target audience for this service will be homemakers, businessmen, enterprises, offices and basically any small scale public establishment.

The launch event promised several features that grabbed the attention of the media – like they’re claiming this is going to be the most advanced fibre based broadband and will have unparalleled speed, as mentioned before, 1 GBPS download speed.

What is JIO Fiber?

Jio Fiber is the latest offer given by jio for all of you. After the huge success of Jio sims and phones, Jio is now giving the offer to enjoy the unlimited internet through the broadband connection.

Since the speed is 100mbps, definitely it is worth having plan. Be it surfing, playing games, streaming movies or anything else, you can do anything with it.

What exactly are the benefits of a set top box to connect to the internet?

This feat will not only help you with data connectivity but also with functions that you otherwise would have needed a smart TV to perform like – voice command, access to internet on your TV, TV calling etc. It is creating a buzz amongst the customers which is why the manufacturers pushed the date to a sooner one and Jio Giga Fiber is available in the market now. Just like the brand Jio’s predecessor mobiles and sims, this service is getting snagged by the customers really fast.

So why exactly was Jio Giga Fiber made? India being home to such a huge population much of which is technologically proactive is very very far behind when it comes to fixed line internet connectivity.

The fixed line internet speed is very low and the visionaries from reliance plan on changing it. They have announced that they plan on pulling India from the 134th rank to putting it in the top 5. A hefty amount was spent on the infrastructure required for the Jio Giga Fiber to work.

Considering the size of the population and how much data we are likely to consume, this vision by business tycoon Mukesh Ambani must not be too difficult to achieve.

Features of Jio Giga Fiber

  • Speed – The feature that is claiming super, futuristic internet speed sounds legit so far. In the short time that has been covered since the announcement of the release and the press conference about it held on Delhi, it has been emphasised strongly that Jio Giga Fiber will provide extraordinary speeds. This has been one of its mains selling points so far. The reviews are yet to be notified but they are most likely to be in the the direction of the flow.
  • Connectivity – The Jio Giga Fiber will not only serve as a router but also work to act as a Jio Giga TV and will thus let you access to apps Like Jio TV for online content watching and Jio Cinema for watching movies online. The device is also an interface that can be used to operate systems like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, i.e smart home solutions. The communication options include voice / video calls via Jio devices. The number of maximum devices connected to the fixed line router is said to be 5. The test results are yet to be announced.
  • Brand Credibility – Jio has a lot on stake with this new release being in tow. The fact that they have invested so much time and money in this product / service plus the fact that the brand already has tried and tested credibility and has a lot of its loyal customers and the entire consumer base to lose if their product does not perform on its claims. That being said, Jio has not get disappointed its customers, so they are looking forward to  using this router / connectivity device.
  • Availability – The Jio Giga Fiber is being claimed to be available across 1500 throughout the nation. That is one huge number  considering how big of a population our country holds and how difficult is to cover this much ground. Unlike the previously sold broadband Jio Giga Fiber will be able in stores across the country, the fact which has most customers excited. The long lines of people waiting for a glimpse of how / when they can get a glimpse of the Jio’s broadband miracle is proof enough of the success.
  • Affordability – The actual data plans have not been revealed yet, pertaining to the element of surprise and also due to strategic publicity planning but the Jio Giga Fiber set top box will supposedly be free of cost. The users will however be required to submit an amount of RS 4,500 as a safety deposit for the unit. The catch here is that the name Jio has meant to always deliver the best possible services at the cheapest possible prices and this service will also hold good on that promise.
  • Ease of use – The user interface of the router as well as the Jio Giga TV that comes along with the Jio Giga Fiber connection makes sure that you can easily navigate through it and find specifically  what you want without facing any issues. The response of the system’s internalized functions are just as fast as the fiber broadband’s supposed internet speed. It brings you the best of internet and technology at the comfort of your own home.  It is arguably very easy to set up as well. We can not say for sure until the experience is reviewed by the users after that launch but the claims are adamant on the smoothness of the functions.
  • Free trial – Just like Jio had done with the launch of their sim cards – a 90 day free trial period with unlimited data and calls, absolutely no charges whatsoever – they have done again with their broadband services which will apparently have a free of cost 90 day free trial as well. Albeit the fact that the users will require to submit an amount of RS 4,500, the experience is free because if you want to cancel after the trial you can return the equipment and have your RS 4,500 back. In the end you lose no money. So its a win-win even if you don’t plan on using it after the free trial ends.

How is Jio Fiber Giga is Better Than Others?

Here, we will see a quick comparison between Jio Giga Fiber and other broadband Connections. You must be thinking what is so great about jio fiber giga which makes it superior than other broadband connections?

Well, just to make the scenerio clear for you, let’s take a quick comparison.

1. The speed Jio giga Fiber is giving is much more and better than other broadband connections.

2.  The data you will be getting will be around 100MB and that is more than suffiecient and much more than any other provider.

3. The fiber networks does not need to be changes post installation because the company would upgrade them timely with the latest technology.

How to get a Jio Giga Fiber connection?

Chances are that after knowing all about the Jio Giga Fiber you are anxious to get your hands on a unit so that you can experience this superfast speed they have been claiming of and are anticipating the launch wildly. If so, you are amongst the millions of people across the country who are looking forward to this experience.

The registration process for Jio Giga Fiber connection starts from the date August 15 ,which is also our independence day. The plan is to release it on this date to promote the factor where Jio plans on purging our country on the fixed line broadband map. The registration can be done on the official Jio website – and the official Jio app – MYJIO app exclusively.

 Registration process will be similar to the Jio sim registration and will require your personal details, identity verification and such. The process will be supposedly completed in 3 steps and over the course of a day at the most.

Once registered for the Jio Giga Fiber connection, you wait for the conformation, then submit the security deposit – Rs 4,500 and then take home your fiber broadband unit courtesy of Jio to enjoy streaming high speed internet.

The number of expected users within a month of launch is estimated to be around 25 million. The charts shows that it could go higher than that. If so, nobody would be surprised.


What is the current plan available in JIO fiber?

Talking about the current offer available, here, jio fiber preview offer is that you will get 100GB daily with a speed of 100mbps for the duration of 90 days.
However, if you are really an internet freak and need more data apart from this, you can get a top up of 40 gb data through the official website of jio or the MyJioApp on your phone.

Since it is a preview offer, you do not need to pay any installation charges as such.
However, you will need to pay a security deposit of INR 4500 through a cheque which will be refunded after a certain time.

Why do we need to pay the security deposit?

You must be dwell in a thought that why do you need to pay the security deposit? Well, don’t worry.

The deposit is being taken for ONT device (Gigahub Home Gateway) which is provided by jio. Your deposit will be refunded immidiately once you discontinue the services.

Once you discontinue it, it will hardly take 2-4 working days to refund the amount.

Can we get Both prepaid and pospaid Giga Fiber services?

Currently, the services being provided are prepaid. However, in the upcoming time, the postpaid services will be starting soon.

Should I try it?

As far as the features are concerned, the Jio Giga Fiber connection is worth going gaga over.

The extraordinary speed which has not been offered in the country by any other broadband services is worth the hype. The much anticipated pocket friendly plans will probably also make it a good deal to shake on.

The fact that it will be practically free for three months is yet another miracle like factor about it. So should you try it?

The answer depends on the factor of whether or not you are willing to pay the asked deposit amount for at least a three month long free time period. If yes, then you should definitely try this service.

On the off chance that you are still not convinced, think of it as a survey. It basically will be one if you use the services only for the 90 day trial period and return the unit before they can actually charge you. The features that are promised are quite an attraction and are worth a try.

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